November 30, 2005

Diploma 11 Jury


Research Cluster Meeting


November 29, 2005

Code Engines Final Review


Media Studies: Code Engines final review
Code Engines is a course introducing programming in ActionScript and Proce55ing, part of the AA Media Studies

Code Engines applications


Loren developes an app which deploys an array of elements on screen (Flash)

Code Engines applications


MAciej Displacement Grid (Flash)

Code Engines applications

Claude makes an engine which captures the user’s hand gesture (Flash)

Code Engines applications


Lucio’s ‘Video Abstractions’ (Proce55ing) & MAciej Displacement Grid. (Flash)

November 28, 2005

Brett AA Lecture in Mexico City


(brett at UNAM in Mexico City)

AA Director Brett Steele presented this evening a talk at UNAM univeristy titled ‘network pedagogies: the AA today’. Brett’s presentation was made to an audience that included students and staff from universities across Mexico City, including UNAM, UAM and Ibero-American. Brett’s talk, which focused on the topic of architectural education, teaching and learning, included a presentation of a half-dozen or more key topics or agendas that can be seen across the work of the entire AA school in recent years; including: architectural urbanism, design tools, computational and parametric structures, body projects, urban action and intervention, responsive environments, continuous surfaces, and others.

Tom Barker’s Smartslab in the Lecture Hall


November 27, 2005

After Effects Student Party


(dancing in front of smartslab)

Photos by First Year AA student Frederik Hellberg–friday nights AA ‘After Effects’ Party in the main lecture hall, following the conclusion of the two-day ‘surface effects’ symposium.

November 25, 2005

Chuck Hoberman at the AA

(chuck hoberman answering audience questions following his lecture)

(a hoberman ball travelling through the audience)

Architectural inventor Chuck Hoberman (see Hoberman Associates here) presented tonight’s keyonote address at the conclusion of the AA’s two-day ‘surface intelligence: ambient and augmented architectures’ symposium.

Plasma Opening

(exhibition guide, design by allon kay in the AA print studio)

from this evening’s exhibition opening of plasma studio’s installation in the AA exhibition gallery. next week eva castro and holger kehne present their recent work as part of this autumn’;s evening lecture series at the AA.

Smartslab Installation


(views of tom barker’s ‘smartslab’ installation at the aa)

The back of the AA Lecture Hall at the conclusion of the AA’s ‘ambient and augmented architectures’ symposia.

Ambient and Augmented Architectures Symposium


November 24, 2005

Day One of ‘Suface Intelligence’



(photos from day one of the symposium)

architects, designers and students from across london attended day one of the AA’s ‘surface intelligence’ symposium, which included video documentation by channel four televesion, who were in the building today.

Afternoon Session Day One of the Symposium

(theo introducing the afternoon session of ‘ambient and augmented’)

DRL tutor theo spyropolous introducing the afternoon’s speakers at day one of ‘surface intelligence: ambient and augmented architectures’.

Smartslab Demo

(demo launch of ‘smartslab’)

Tom Barker’s presentaiton as part of today’s ‘ambient and augmented architectures’ symposium at the AA included a working demonstartion of smartslab–a structural honeycomb panel system with embedded media technologies. The prototype installed on the back AA lecture hall wall included more than 100,000 LEDs.

November 23, 2005

Going Baroque, installation

(Media Studies Intermediate Final Review 21 November)

Going Baroque, installation

(Media Studies Intermediate Final Review 21 November)

detail, Large Scale Drawing, Morwell Street

(Media Studies Intermediate Final Reviews)